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From managing pests to storm emergencies, our services make it easy to keep your trees and plants healthy and safe.

Tree Care Services

A process of cutting branches to sustain the growth and longevity of your trees’ structure.

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Professional and safe tree trimming services for your home available from the experts at Townsend Arborcare.

Plant Health Care Management

Protecting your property from insects and diseases doesn't just start with one tree or one area of the property. Our experts take into consideration the environment, your plants and your surrounding landscape to suppress existing damaging populations in order to protect your property.

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Townsend Arborcare does more than tree trimming, we can also plant trees and ensure good plant health for your home.

Consultation & Planning

An objective assessment of tree-related issues to provide technical recommendations.

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Towsend Arborcare can offer tree and plant consultation and planning as well as other services.
The professional Townsend Arborcare provides tree trimming, pruning and health services so you can enjoy them for years.

Other Services

Townsend Arborcare now offers Mosquito & Tick Shield, a barrier spray that reduces these pesky biting insects on your property. Our professionals will treat the spots where mosquitoes and ticks live and breed.

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Enjoy healthy trees around your home with proper tree care, trimming and pruning from Townsend Arborcare arborists.