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Fertilization & Soil Care

Creating optimal conditions for your property’s growth starts with soil and fertilization. Yet not all soil can be treated the same. Townsend Arborcare takes a customized approach to getting your soil healthy and plants happy.

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How We Do It

Going deep into the root of the problem

We start by taking samples of the soil on your property to assess the pH levels. Once we have an accurate analysis of what is happening both under and above the ground, we prescribe a precise fertilization or treatment plan for your soil conditions.

Why We Do It

The essentials for healthy plants and trees

The proper nutrients are essential to the health and happiness of your property. We like to start at the root of the problem, and we see the results of this service as a foundational solution.

Townsend Arborcare has the experience and knowledge to keep the soil around your property healthy to encourage growth.
Beautify your property with healthy trees and landscaping from the arborists and experts at Townsend Arborcare.
Our experts in fertilizing plants and trees around your property will ensure you have healthy and beautiful landscaping.
Keep your lawn healthy and beautiful using the expert advice and work from experts at Townsend Arborcare.

Benefits from the ground up

1. Focus on roots

We work to improve soil conditions, so the tree and plant roots have an available source of nutrients and the plant's overall health improves.

2. Customized solution

One size does not fit all when it comes to soil and fertilization. Our team custom-curates a solution specifically based on your property.

3. Safe on the environment

The impact we have on the planet matters. That’s why we use safe-for-the-environment products that are still productive on your property.

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