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Storm Response & Restoration

When a storm rolls through your property, fallen trees or downed powerlines can be extremely dangerous. Only a certified arborist can identify issues of predisposed tree failure while ensuring your property is restored to safety following a storm.

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Trees fallen over power lines are dangerous, so let the experts at Townsend Arborcare remove storm damaged fallen trees.

How We Do It

Coordination and expertise

With a specialized set of equipment and skills, our certified arborists and skilled professionals work with homeowner's insurance for the removal of trees struck by lightning, storm-damaged trees and fallen trees on structures.

Why We Do It

Restore safety and mitigate risk

Your property and your life can be at risk after a big storm. Instead of being on the lookout, unsure of risk, we work to restore safety and allow you to enjoy your property, worry free.

Keep your home and property looking beautiful by removing storm damaged trees and branches with Townsend Arborcare.
Quotation Mark

"They removed several trees around our property and did it with amazing precision. Asher and his team went above and beyond to ensure the job was done correctly."

Benefits from the ground up

1. Start with safety

Dead or damaged trees can pose a lot of risk to your property. Our team of skilled professionals can handle any job, big or small, to ensure your surroundings are safe.

2. Knowledge from experts

We perform climbing inspections without spikes to inspect unforeseen risks. We never recommend topping and would rather mitigate risk to preserve a tree rather than recommend removal, keeping your property's beauty our priority.

3. Discover hazards

Before little problems become big problems, our certified arborists can perform inspections to ensure the safety of your property and recommend solutions to mitigate risk.

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