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Tree Removal

What may seem like simple tree work is often more complex. Our knowledgeable tree professionals always keep the safety of your property and its surroundings top of mind.

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Remove dead branches and ensure healthy trees around your home with the tree trimming service from Townsend Arborcare.

How We Do It

Certified professionals and specialized equipment

Our team brings specialized skills and equipment to remove one section of the tree at a time to avoid damaging property or surrounding obstacles. For a large project, you may even see specialized aerial lifts or cranes that help us safely access the tree.

Why We Do It

For the safety of all

Although we do love using our specialized equipment for tree removal, we use it for safety reasons. We’ve seen that attempting the work on your own can result in serious injury—even the loss of life—as well as wasted money and time.

We go to great lengths at Townsend Arborcare to ensure the trees on your property are pruned and healthy.
Removing a tree safely is important for your home and for proper plant and tree health and we can help with that.
Ensure your tree health on your property using Townsend Arborcare's experts in tree maintenance and landscaping.
It takes special skills and knowledge to do dead tree removal which is why you can turn to Townsend Arborcare experts.

Benefits from the ground up

1. Start with safety

Dead or dying trees can pose a lot of risk to your property. Our team of professionals can handle any job, big or small, to ensure your surroundings are safe.

2. Prevent potential risks

How a tree looks on the outside might not reflect what you’d expect on the inside. Removing dead, dying or damaged trees can save your property from potentially having unforeseen risks down the road.

3. Save yourself

What may seem like a good idea at first will cost you in the long run. Our team of skilled professionals can do the complex job that will ultimately save you money.

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