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Stump Removal

Stumps can be problematic for your property. Whether stumps are a home for unwanted pests or a tripping hazard, let us take care of the problem and get back to accomplishing your landscaping goals.

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Remove the unsightly tree stumps left behind by removed trees using the stump removal experts at Townsend Arborcare.

How We Do It

Digging deep for fresh starts

Our team brings specialized skills and equipment to cut apart one section of the stump at a time to avoid damaging property.

Why We Do It

Say goodbye to unwanted pests

Decaying stumps can house termites, ants, beetles, wood wasps, bees and hornets, snakes and rodents, all potentially causing damage to your home and property. We’re here to remove stumps and solve problems before they happen.

We have the right equipment to quickly remove tree stumps and other debris when it's needed around your home.
Removing a tree safely is important for your home and for proper plant and tree health and we can help with that.
If an old tree stump is distracting from the beauty of your lawn, call the Towsend Arborcare experts to remove the stump.
It takes special skills and knowledge to do dead tree removal which is why you can turn to Townsend Arborcare experts.

Benefits from the ground up

1. Stop unwanted pests

Removing your decaying stump from the ground as soon as possible prevents pesky pests from building homes inside.

2. A safe, fresh start

With your now-removed stump, your property is safe from potential tripping hazards and eye-sores while providing a clean slate for all your landscaping goals.

3. Increase property value

A beautiful landscape, free of ugly or unwanted stumps, increases your curb appeal. If you’re thinking about moving, put your best foot forward with a beautiful outdoor area.

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