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Tree Support Systems

Even trees can get stressed, too. A tree support system provides additional physical support or limits movement of a tree or tree part in a way that reduces risk of structural failure in the canopy or root system.

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Townsend Arborcare experts can spot trees around your home that need support and provide it to keep them healthy.

How We Do It

The solution to trees’ problems

Cabling, bracing and guying are all considered when deciphering supports a tree might need. Whether we need to provide additional support or limit movement of a tree or tree part, our certified professionals identify problems and make recommendations.

Why We Do It

Save your tree’s life

It might sound dramatic, but the structural defect of a tree is likely to cause tree death, property damage and even human injury. At Townsend Arborcare, we care about reducing risk and preventing damages to your property.

Towsend Arborcare specialists can help keep the trees around your home safe and healthy using our tree support systems.
Quotation Mark

"They were very professional, and the crew chief was really nice to let me know what was going on. Thanks again for making that happen, and for keeping Cherry Tree and its neighbors safe!"

Benefits from the ground up

1. Safe, healthy trees

It takes many years for the trees on your property to fully mature. We’d love to help your trees mature while maintaining the trees’ structure and enhancing the value of your landscape.

2. Worry-free maintenance

Our professionals provide annual inspection options and recommend tree support system maintenance as the tree matures.

3. Reduce risk and stay safe

With your now-secure tree, the risks of property damage or injury, or death from the tree are reduced.

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