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Root Management

In an urban environment, infrastructure elements can be damaged by encroaching roots. That’s why root management is an essential practice to stimulate root development in trees stressed from soil compaction and to prevent roots from being injured or diseased.

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Trees need healthy roots to last a long time so your family can enjoy and we provide root management to help.

How We Do It

We use root stimulating treatments and a specialized tool.

The skilled professionals at Townsend Arborcare safely loosen dense or compacted soils from the root system to improve soil conditions and promote healthier root growth and development.

Why We Do It

Roots are integral to the growth and development of trees.

Roots store carbohydrates, absorb water and minerals, and provide anchor and support. When it comes to managing roots in an urban environment, it is important to not only maintain the health and safety of a tree or plant but to also provide a safe balance for roots and infrastructure to coexist in the same landscape.

Ensure healthy trees your family will enjoy for generations with the arborist care offered by Townsend Arborcare.
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"The guys were so polite and professional, taking time to make sure they understood what we wanted before they got started."

Benefits from the ground up

1. Enhanced tree stability

The deeper roots grow, the more stable your tree or plant will be during high winds or heavy storms.

2. Achieving balance

While fixing infrastructure elements is time consuming and costly, root management offers an alternative option. Our professionals sustain a safe and healthy life for your trees and plants by balancing plant health with infrastructure integrity.

3. Lifelong benefits

A tree can improve the value and the beauty on your property. By managing the growth and development of your trees’ roots, you are greatly improving the opportunities to enjoy all that your trees can offer.

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