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Tree Pruning

While trimming is used to define the shape of hedges or small trees, at Townsend Arborcare we prune trees. Why? To reduce risk, improve or maintain health, develop an optimal structure and appearance, and prevent a tree from interfering with a built structure.

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Professional and safe tree trimming services for your home available from the experts at Townsend Arborcare.

How We Do It

Pruning involves the judicious removal of plant parts to achieve an objective

Each branch or tree part requires careful judgment because a cut influences a tree or bush’s future growth.
When assessing a tree, we are considering tree structure, potential risks, branch clearance, tree health, density, restoration, size management, shrub rejuvenation, flower or fruit production, views and aesthetics, and wildlife habitats.

Why We Do It

Cultivating beauty now and into the future

Not only does pruning help your landscape thrive by focusing on the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs, but it also helps sustain growth and longevity while ensuring the plant’s health, structure and natural characteristics.

Enjoy a healthy lawn, healthy plants and healthy trees around your home with services from Townsend Arborcare experts.
Quotation Mark

"Townsend Arborcare did a great job pruning the ash tree in front of our home. We appreciate the arborist’s patience with the tree and the care he took to prune the tree thoughtfully."

Benefits from the ground up

1. Healthy growth

Pruning can promote health by removing infested, diseased or damaged branches and improving trees’ structure for both young and mature trees.

2. Impressive beauty

We prune to restore trees’ or shrubs’ structure, form or appearance in addition to their health and natural characteristics.

3. Reduced risk

Falling limbs and branches are dangerous. Protect your surroundings from potential risk during storms.

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