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Insect & Disease Management

You never know what might be lurking below the surface on your property. A small issue might raise big red flags for your trees and shrubs. We can help you manage.

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Townsend Arborcare tree specialists can spot insect and tree diseases early to provide solutions for your property.

How We Do It

No stone will be unturned

Protecting your property from insects and diseases doesn’t start with just one tree or one area of your property. Our experts take into consideration your entire region and even beneficial insects to suppress existing damaging populations in order to protect your property.

Why We Do It

Prevent. Prepare. Recover. Respond.

Not only do insects and diseases hurt your landscape, but they can also be a threat to landscapes regionwide. Restoring or saving your trees contributes to a healthier environment.

Townsend Arborcare spots tree diseases and can treat them or remove damaged trees to enhance your property.
Insects will chew on leaves and some can damage or kill trees which Townsend Arborcare arborists can spot and fix.
Cutting down damaged, diseased and insect damaged trees requires special skills and our services provide them.
Stop tree diseases from spreading by removing diseased trees by using our professional tree removal services.

Benefits from the ground up

1. Proactive monitoring

Our experts will monitor and discover diseases or insects on your property to catch the problem before it becomes an infestation.

2. Restore good health

Treatment plans and management options will always be provided to you so we can align on how we’ll solve your property’s problem.

3. Protect for the future

Our experts will always provide management options or treatment plants that solve your property's problem.

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