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Arboricultural Consulting

When people say “tree doctor,” they are talking about arboricultural consulting. Whether you are worried about the health of your tree or the safety of your property, we’re here to help.

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Townsend Arborcare can provide tree doctor and consulting services for commercial properties and homes.

How We Do It

Your go-to consultants

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are here to assess, plan and provide solutions. Whether you are a master gardener or property manager, our certified arborists can provide services from tree risk assessments and tree preservation plans to tree and landscape appraisals.

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Why We Do It

Preservation of our landscape and vitality of your property

In our industry, we see a lot of mistakes being made. That’s why at Townsend Arborcare, our certified arborists only provide recommendations that are in the best interest of the clients’ safety and property.

Townsend Arborcare provides maintenance and landscaping services for a variety of properties, including golf courses.
Townsend Arborcare's arborists can help create and maintain healthy and beautiful trees around a property.
Maintain a perfect lawn and well maintained landscaping and trees for commercial and residential properties.
Experts at Townsend Arborcare can help maintain the grass and landscaping at professional golf courses.

Benefits from the ground up

1. Sustainable landscapes

While keeping your property healthy, our team is focused on sustainability, so the environmental impact of our work is minimized.

2. Intelligence at your fingertips

Our experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds, working on commercial, industrial and residential properties, bringing their years of practical and educational experience.

3. Holistic approach

A lot of singular problems can be connected to a secret network of issues. Our holistic approach takes a broader look at your property to define the best solution for you.

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