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Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessments were established to identify trees that may pose a threat to people or property. Our International Society of Arboriculture–certified arborists and Tree Risk Assessment qualified professionals use a three-level process to identify, analyze and evaluate a tree’s risk.

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Townsend Arborcare can help maintain and keep trees healthy and beautiful around your property and others.

How We Do It

The three levels of tree risk assessment

Level 1: Limited Visual Assessment quickly assesses larger specified areas to identify trees at risk.

Level 2: Basic Assessment evaluates 360 degrees of the tree and the surrounding site.

Level 3: Advanced Assessment may include aerial or climbing inspection and in-depth root inspection.

A Level 3 Advanced Assessment report is provided to our client, containing all site observations, pictures, testing reports, laboratory analysis reports and recommendation options for mitigating all risks.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Tree Risk Assessment Process, visit our blog.

Why We Do It

Safety is our top priority

As trees mature, they have the potential of becoming liabilities and are more likely to develop conditions that can increase the likelihood of branch or whole-tree failure. At Townsend Arborcare, we provide tree risk assessments on trees near structures, playgrounds, streets and sidewalks, or any other area where trees may pose a risk to persons or property.

Townsend Arborcare likes to bring smiles to the faces of homeowners by creating beautiful landscaping and trees.
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"Thank you for the recent work you did on my property. I especially appreciated the attentive crew manager. He is diligent, caring and takes his work seriously."

Benefits from the ground up

1. Reduce liability

Ensuring a tree is structurally sound with no potential risk of failures reduces your property’s liability and increases the life and longevity of your trees.

2. The best solution

Trees can increase your property value if they are healthy, but a damaged tree can also be detrimental. Our arborists are always looking at both sides of the coin when offering solutions.

3. A Thorough Assessment

Our goal is to mitigate risk and provide you with an accurate assessment that provides reasonable and proportionate information to every condition or situation on your property.

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