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Managing Trees During Construction

Oftentimes the building of new structures on a property can have severe implications on tree health. When building new structures, installing water and sewer lines, driveways or sidewalks, it is important to consider protecting trees and tree roots from mechanical damage, soil compaction, or other root disruptions.

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Keep trees safe and supported even during construction projects with Towsend Arborcare construction tree management.

How We Do it

Careful consideration, planning, and treatment

As preventative measures during construction, our certified arborists and skilled professionals protect against root damage, consult on grade changes and prune to allow access for construction equipment. After construction, we perform soil treatments, apply supplemental irrigation and prevent pests from occupying trees.

Why We Do It

Healthy trees for years to come

When assessing your trees, we are looking at location, species, and age and condition of trees to maintain the aesthetic beauty and monetary value of your property’s site. We want to help you beautify your property while considering shade, noise, privacy and reduction of home energy costs.

Ensure healthy trees your family will enjoy for generations with the arborist care offered by Townsend Arborcare.
Quotation Mark

"They were very professional, and the crew chief was really nice to let me know what was going on. Thanks again for making that happen, and for keeping Cherry Tree and its neighbors safe!"

Benefits from the ground up

1. Preserve property value

Trees can increase the value of a property from 10 to 25%, not to mention maintaining an ideal look and feel for your yard.

2. A greener life

Trees provide shade and privacy to your property that can result in reduction of home energy costs and noise.

3. Long-term growth

We work to develop a preservation plan that not only works during construction but maintains your trees’ health into the future.

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