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Your home is your castle and you probably want to make it the best it can be, inside and out. Not only do you want to make it livable and enjoyable for yourself and your family, you want to enhance its value. After all, it is probably your greatest asset.

Here, we outline how trees affect your property value, and discuss the benefits to planting trees and maintaining them correctly throughout their lifetime

Trees Enhance Property Value

A yard with flourishing trees and a lush landscape directly impacts property value, and can be a real selling point should you choose to sell your home. Good tree cover actually increases property prices by 7% in residential areas, and 18% in commercial areas. Because of this, it is important to invest in your landscape and maintain trees to ensure optimal health and beauty. Why do trees provide significant value to your property? They offer a plethora of benefits.

Trees Help Homeowners Save Energy

Because trees provide shade, they help to reduce energy bills, especially during warm summer months. Although you might still run the A/C, trees allow you to reduce the amount of time a cooling unit needs to run. According to The American Power Association, effective landscaping can reduce a cooling bill by as much as 50% a year.

If you are looking for optimal energy efficiency and cost savings, homes that have trees planted to the west provide the most value, as they block the most sun. Studies show that in 5 years of planting trees on the west side of your property, your energy bill drops by an estimated 3 percent, and in 15 years the cost savings will rise to 12 percent.

Trees also help reduce heating costs. Trees planted on the north side of a property actually creates a barrier against cold winter winds and storms, cutting heating costs by up to 30 percent per year. Many homebuyers will be looking for high quality trees that can provide a wind buffer to cut heating costs.

Buffer From Storms

Well maintained, mature trees can provide a natural buffer from inclement weather, something that adds to property value. The roots of trees hold the ground in place, stabilizing areas where erosion might otherwise occur. In addition, healthy, mature trees can also block your home from direct wind, which could cause significant damage to the siding and roofing.

Although creating a tree barrier might sound like a good idea, note that only well maintained, healthy trees add to property value, and can create an effective buffer during a storm. If you have a tree in distress, remove it before a storm hits and it causes damage to your home, takes out power lines, or even injures someone.

Offers Shade and Greater Enjoyment of Your Yard

Not only do trees boost property value due to energy savings, and provide a protective barrier but they also enhance the landscape, making it more attractive to buyers. Providing a tranquil space, trees help protect your home from noise, provide privacy, and create your very own backyard oasis complete with shady spots to lounge and relax. Setting your home apart with well maintained trees can boost property value and make it attractive to buyers.

Professional Tree Maintenance is Crucial

Trees can only provide all of these benefits if you maintain them correctly, with the services of professional arborists. It is important to ensure your trees are being well taken care of by seasoned tree professionals, like those at Townsend Residential. Tree trimming is essential to keep trees healthy and attractive, keep your yard safe, and boost property value.

Whether or not you plan to sell your home soon, it is important to ensure your trees are well maintained. Trees should be inspected and pruned regularly, with branches that might over-crowd the home removed. Townsend Residential offers an array of services, and is known for top quality tree care, dedicated to safety, integrity, and accountability. Give us a call today!

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