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Tree trimming is not usually top of mind for most homeowners, but having your trees regularly trimmed can really make a difference for a variety of reasons. There are countless benefits of calling an arborist for regular tree trimming, including keeping trees healthy, maintaining a safe property and creating an aesthetically pleasing yard. Keep reading to see how regular pruning can benefit you:

Helping Trees Grow Strong

Regular tree trimming is the best way to promote healthy growth in your yard and prevent trees from becoming sickly. For most full-grown trees, this means having a trim every 3 to 5 years, while younger trees need more care and should be trimmed every 2 to 3 years.

Thinning out the crown of a mature tree lets in more sunshine and promotes air circulation through the tree’s canopy, which allows photosynthesis and tree growth! This helps to reinforce the overall structure of the tree while allowing it to focus its energy towards healthy growth, as opposed to healing.

Keeping Your Property Safe

Loose or hanging limbs can create safety concerns that could cause damage to you, your family or your neighbors. During times of inclement weather, this is especially true, as those limbs can fall and cause damage to surrounding fences, windows and more. Whether you live somewhere prone to hurricanes or blizzards, it’s important to reduce the risk of property damage and injuries any way possible. By hiring a trained arborist to do the job, you can ensure hazardous limbs will be removed.

Adding Beauty to Your Yard

Humans need regular haircuts, and trees are no different. As trees grow, sometimes the crown can become crowded, making things look lopsided. Regular trimming helps train the growth patterns of your tree and can contribute to a better overall shape. Not to mention, having your tree trimmed will immediately remedy the problem or a misshapen tree.

Maintaining a beautiful yard will boost the curb appeal of your home and increase home value drastically. The investment of having tree pruned pays off, because a gorgeous yard can increase home value by 10 to 12 percent.

If you’re wondering whether calling an arborist for a tree trim is a good idea, the answer is yes! Your home is an oasis, and your yard should be no different. Help trees stay healthy, protect your property and increase curb appeal by having a professional arborist prune your tree.

Give your tree the treatment it deserves. Contact Townsend Residential for your tree trimming needs today.