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Just like people, trees and plants need regular check-ups from professionally trained, certified arborists to ensure vitality and survival. Plant health care helps keep your landscape safe from invasive insects, fungus, and diseases that could harm or kill them. When a tree becomes too sick to save, it must be removed in the interest of protecting similar trees and plants, safety, and aesthetics. Being proactive and promoting Plant health care can help ensure your trees and landscape plants are safe and healthy. Learn how professional plant health care can improve the appearance of your trees and landscape plants, keep them safer, save you money, and even increase your property value.

Plant Health Care Overview

Plant health care is a holistic approach to tree care maintenance, designed to maintain the structural integrity and health of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Professional tree care companies, like Townsend Residential, focus on developing and maintaining healthy trees so that they don’t cause problems for you or your property. We can diagnose problems and implement the right solutions, which could include tree pruning, the applications of insecticides or fungicides, fertilization, soil and nutrient mitigation procedures, or, when necessary, the removal of plants to stop the spread of an infestation.

Why is Plant Health Care Important?

By monitoring your trees and plants, our arborist can identify issues before they become actual problems. For example, oak wilt is a prominent issue among oak trees in the Midwest. This fungus can be deadly to oaks if not identified in a timely manner. If you notice the leaves on your oak tree turning brown, or any other signs of poor plant health, it is time to contact a certified arborist or licensed plant health care applicator to come up with a plan of action.

Benefits of Plant Health Care

Correct, regular plant health care benefits homeowners in several ways.

  • Consistent care can save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to pay for complete tree and stump removal or replacement plants.
  • You can identify a potential problem before it becomes a serious issue.
  • Avoid winding up with hazard trees that could cause serious damage or injury.
  • Attractive landscaping can boost property value.
  • Healthy trees and plants can attract local wildlife, such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and other critters that are fun to watch and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Plant health care represents an important investment to the vegetation that provides so much value.

Knowing When Plants Need Professional Intervention

How do you know it’s time to invest in your trees or landscape? It’s a good idea to have your trees and landscape plants inspected regularly by a professional. In addition, watch out for these signs it’s time to call a tree service company:

  • Weakened roots or signs of fungal decay
  • Discolored leaves, or leaves changing at the wrong time of year
  • Heavy leaning in one direction
  • Fungus on a tree or plant
  • Holes in a tree
  • Weak limbs or treetops
  • New species of insects or insects found on this list
  • Severe storm damage to trees and plants
  • During prolonged drought, extreme temperatures or greater than normal rainfall

Identifying potential threats early can increase the chances of your plant’s survival. Taking action early allows professional arborists to develop an effective plan of action.

Professional Tree Maintenance is Crucial

With the services of a certified arborist or licensed plant health care applicator, you can create a successful plant health care plan. Regular site inspections and tree care maintenance are essential to maintaining healthy trees and plants, reducing potential hazards and preventing tree or plant loss. Investing in a professional tree care provider, such as Townsend Residential can give you peace of mind that you are maintaining healthy trees that will survive the ages. Safety is our top priority, and our tree professionals have been trained to the highest standards.

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