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A beautiful Christmas light display is a necessity for any winter wonderland, and residential homes are no exception. In fact, many homeowners are beginning to get an even earlier jump on the holiday season, with some putting up holiday decorations as early as the first of November. Decorating experts agree with the early-bird style of decorating, noting that it doesn’t cost more to start early and it allows you to enjoy your professional décor for a longer period of time.

For many people, installing outdoor Christmas lighting is a real stressor. First, there are dozens of lighting choices to consider, from traditional strands to high-tech icicle and curtain lights. Then there is the installation itself, which requires precise measurement, attention to detail, safety issues, and the possibility of having to reach some awkward, out-of-the-way spots on your roofline — all from a rickety ladder. And all that work can be for naught if your light strings malfunction or become tangled in the process.

Three Things to Consider When Putting up Christmas Lights

Despite the shaky economy, the market for Christmas trees, lights and decorations is exploding, and is predicted to continue to rise through 2026. In total, there are about 150 million sets of Christmas lights sold each year to more than 80 million households to help add some holiday cheer to their indoor — and outdoor — décor. As more people get into the spirit of the holidays, however, there are several things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting:

Energy Efficiency

The number of design choices available in energy-efficient LED Christmas lights have increased over the past few years, including more bulb options than ever before. Now you can choose from LED G12 bulbs in a standard globe shape, G20 bulbs for a little bit larger option, polka-dot bulbs for vivid colors, M5 or M6 bulbs that mimic the traditional Christmas bulb shape, and a wide variety of LED specialty bulbs such as icicle shapes, curtains and more.

The most important feature of LED Christmas lighting is the amount of money you can save by choosing them over traditional incandescent lights. LEDs use much less energy — as little as 10% of the energy used by traditional lights — saving you more money on your electric bill and lessening your carbon footprint for greater sustainability. If you pair them with automatic timers or smart home technology, you can save even more. Plus, LED lights can last up to 200,000 hours, as opposed to the 3,000-hour lifespan of the typical incandescent light string.

Unique Design

With everyone in the holiday spirit, you want your home to stand out from the crowd. Your lighting doesn’t have to be limited to just your rooftops and gutters — or even one color or style of lighting. Consider adding perimeter lighting for sidewalks, driveways and fencing to boost the “wow” factor, or choose unique color schemes with added decorations to transform your home and yard. Finally, you can take a simple tree in your yard and transform it into something that will take your winter wonderland to the next level.

Safety Concerns

Hanging your own outdoor Christmas lights can be difficult, so safety should be your priority. Lights should be fastened securely to a firm support to avoid wind damage, but you should avoid using staples or nails that could damage house structures and pierce insulation. When hanging lights, make sure you use a fiberglass ladder of an appropriate size, as it is non-conductive and avoid hanging lights in inclement weather. Lights should be UL-listed and rated for outdoor use to prevent fire hazards and electrical shock injuries and you should ensure that lights are plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet for safety. Wattage ratings, frayed wires, loose connections and broken bulbs should all be noted, and lights repaired or discarded as necessary.

Why Expert Christmas Light Installation Makes Sense

There is a lot of information to consider when choosing and installing your outdoor Christmas light display. Not only do you have to choose among a plethora of bulb styles and features, but you also must consider energy efficiency and how to install them safely. That’s why many homeowners are choosing to have their lights installed by lighting experts. An expert can:

  • Assist you with choosing the right style of lighting for your home’s architecture or your theme.
  • Help you coordinate decorations throughout your yard for a comprehensive, unified look.
  • Ensure your lighting is energy efficient.
  • Check all lighting for safety and replace damaged bulbs or strings.
  • Ensure that all lighting is secured to your home without damaging the structure.

In addition, experts hang your lights themselves, so you never have to climb a ladder or risk injury.

Deck Your Halls the Stress-Free Way This Year

For most people, outdoor holiday lighting is an important part of celebrating the season. But it often comes with a great deal of stress and frustration, both over choosing lighting and installing it. At Townsend Arborcare, our Christmas light experts can help take the stress out of outdoor lighting with design assistance and fast, efficient, professional light installation.

Relax and enjoy the season with expert Christmas light installation by Townsend. To get the process started, simply contact a Townsend Arborcare consultant today and have your holiday light show up and running in no time.

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