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Looking for a tree service company, but not sure how to pick one? Choosing a quality tree service company to take care of your vegetation management is paramount to help ensure the safety of your trees. Here are 7 factors to consider when making the decision:

Check Their Credentials

Is the company you’re looking to employ TCIA accredited? TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) is the leading voice on safety, education and healthy tree care. Looking for a business with this accreditation ensures that you will get the best service possible.

Request a Detailed Estimate

It’s common for tree service companies to provide estimates for certain services on their websites, but can they provide you with an estimate for what you need? Always be sure to ask for a detailed, written estimate for the services you are looking for, that way you know what the financial obligation will be.

Testimonials and References are Key

Online reviews can provide a world of insight on your search for a tree service company. Be sure to do your research and compare what people are saying about the quality of their tree cutting or stump grinding services. Additionally, check the Better Business Bureau and see what the reviews of your prospective company are like. If you can’t find anything on the internet, don’t be afraid to ask the company directly for references! A trustworthy company should be able to provide you with a few of their recently satisfied customers.

Insurance and Licensed

Something not commonly known, is that hiring a tree cutting service who doesn’t have adequate worker’s comp or liability insurance can negatively impact you. If something happens on your property, choosing an uninsured company could lead to a lawsuit for you.

Tree Health

Not all companies employ practices that keep the health of your trees in mind. Ask if they use spikes during pruning or “topping” (the process of removing live sections of a tree) during their maintenance. Do your best to avoid companies who use these practices, as it can lead to permanent damage to your beloved trees.

Put Safety First

Does your potential tree service follow the strict regulations set forth by OSHA? Your prospective tree company should have safety at the forefront of their mind. Ensure the company you employ follows proper safety regulations, such as wearing hardhats and protective gear.

Services Offered

You should look for a company that has all the services you may need for the project. Sometimes services like stump grinding or debris removal are outside of some tree service company’s capabilities. Trying to find a company who has these capabilities can save you from headaches later when you may need the additional services.

Protect your trees. Protect yourself. When choosing a tree service to take care of your yard, use this guide to make a well-informed decision.

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