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Taking care of the trees in your yard is all part of being a responsible homeowner. Avoiding the “do-it-yourself” mentality when it comes to tree care is beneficial, as it prevents you from injuring trees – and more importantly, yourself. If you are dealing with any of these six factors, it’s probably time to call a trusted tree care service to get the job done quickly and safely.

Unhealthy Trees

A sickly tree will typically show signs it isn’t doing well. When determining if a tree in your yard needs help from a seasoned arborist, look for red flags such as:

  • Chipped or pealing bark
  • Cavities in the trunk
  • Dead and hanging branches
  • Compacted soil

All of the above can be indicators of root rot, a lack of nutrients being fed into the tree or dying roots. Trusting a tree care professional for proper pruning is the best way to take care of these issues.

Low Branches

Low, heavy hanging branches can present danger to homeowners and can sometimes lead to costly damages if they fall in the wrong spot. Entrusting a tree care professional to prune trees with low hanging branches not only ensures your tree is aesthetically pleasing, but also safe to be around.

Golden Mushrooms at the Base of the Trunk

A red flag that it may be time to call a tree service is if you see fungi such as mushrooms growing around the base of the tree trunk. Armillaria or Honey Fungus are the top offenders. These mushrooms have a sweet smell and are typically yellow-gold in color. Honey fungus acts as a parasite, taking the nutrients from the tree and spreading to other trees in the vicinity. This is a tough issue to remedy at home, so it is important to call an experienced tree service to eradicate the problem.


When a tree begins to hit powerlines and electrical wires, call a tree service immediately, as this is a safety hazard. Trees touching powerlines can create a potential path for electricity to travel to the ground if branches are touching the wires, which can lead to electrocution. In dry weather, this can also be a fire hazard.

After the Storm

Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and other extreme weather events can uproot trees and send debris scattered among your property. If whole trees are down, do not attempt to take care of the problem yourself. Attempting to move these on your own can lead to injuries, so it is best to call a tree service company to assist with clean up. Maintaining trees after a storm can also be unsafe due to unsecured and hanging limbs that have the potential to fall.

Old Stumps

An old stump in your yard may seem like nothing more than a huge eyesore. However, if left untreated an old stump can cause greater issues for your lawn. Old tree stumps can take the nutrients around it, starving other trees in the area. If fungi begin to grow in a rotting stump, it can also spread to other greenery in the area.

Additionally, tree stumps can be potential tripping hazards and take up room that could be used for new trees to grow. Stump removal is no small task, and the folks at Townsend Residential have the tools to get the job done.

When it comes to tree care, leave these six services up to a reliable tree service. This will ensure your yard is a safe and beautiful place for vegetation to grow.

For over six decades, Townsend has provided vegetation management and power line clearance services to local communities. For trustworthy tree trimming services, contact Townsend Residential today!

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