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You had to get the tree in your yard cut down, but what about the stump left behind? Tree stumps are often an afterthought and get left behind long after the tree has been cut down. However, old tree stumps can create a myriad of issues for your yard and should be removed as soon as possible. Here are 6 reasons why you should get that stump in your yard removed.

Tree Stumps are an Eye Sore

One of the obvious reasons to get that old tree stump removed is because it creates an unsightly eyesore in your otherwise beautiful yard. The presence of old, unattractive tree stumps can also lower your property value. Hiring a tree service company to remove the stump can ensure that you’re not left with a huge hole in your yard after the stump is gone.

Invasive Plants, Parasites & Bugs

An old, rotting stump is a breeding ground for parasitic fungus and invasive plants to grow. If not taken care of, these diseases can spread to healthy plants and trees in your yard. It’s not just plants you must worry about, because it’s common for unwanted insects like termites and carpenter ants to make their home in the exposed wood. Left unaddressed, this can lead to possible home infestations that put your family and pets at risk.

Safety Hazards

Tall, luscious grass can conceal an unseen tree stump, creating tripping and falling hazards. Besides creating possible injuries, this can also present a liability for you if anyone on your property trips and becomes injured. Not to mention, if your mowing the lawn and hit the stump it can cause serious damage to mowing equipment.

Property and Equipment Damages

Long after a tree has been cut down, the roots will continue to grow. Besides making it harder to remove later on, this can cause damage to your property. These invasive roots can cause sidewalks to buckle and can interfere with already leaky pipes. It can be hard to identify the presence of these roots deep underground, which is why hiring a professional is the best way to fix the problem.

Trees Can Keep Trying to Grow & Come Back

An unattended stump can keep growing, and can lead to even larger, more expensive problems quickly. It’s not uncommon for multiple sprouts to grow from a stump, creating a tangle of weak, multi-stump trees. Because these sprouts all share one trunk, there is not enough resources to create multiple healthy new trees, and they can easily fall and create damage.

Stumps Take Up Space

The presence of an old tree stump means that nothing else can go in that spot in your yard. By having your stump removed, you can free up space for yard décor, new plants and space to enjoy the outdoors. Partnering with a residential tree company for removal ensures the problem is quickly addressed, so that you can get back to making your yard an oasis.

What You Can Do

Removing a stump from your yard can be a frustrating, costly and unsafe process. By hiring a residential tree service company to get rid of that old stump from your yard, you can help to ensure the safety, beauty and health of your yard.

Remove the old tree stump from your yard today by contacting the experts at Townsend Residential.