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We all need a little TLC sometimes, and the trees and plants in your landscape are no different. By ensuring your residential tree service is using the proper care techniques, you can ensure the plants on your yard grow healthy and strong no matter the season. Be sure to make sure the tree service you select follows these tips to keep your property, and the trees and plants on it beautiful for years to come.

Preventative Pruning

Pruning – commonly referred to as trimming – is a maintenance procedure that selectively removes certain branches, leaves or roots. Pruning trees is one of the most effective means of promoting and maintaining a healthy tree. This is because it reduces the potential for a tree or branch to break, provides clearance, maintains a healthy tree environment, influences flower and fruit production, and improves aesthetics.

Proper pruning will also encourage new growth and improve heat defiance when temperatures are warm. In addition to promoting and maintaining a healthy tree, pruning also reduces windthrow, reduces shade, and enhances wind resistance – which is especially important for those living in areas effected by hurricanes or snowstorms. Pruning isn’t an easy task, so it’s best to contact a residential tree service that can offer a certified arborist for proper care.

Mulch Around the Dripline

The dripline of tree is like an invisible line and reaches to the furthest edge of a tree’s canopy. Keeping the soil around the base of your trees moist is crucial. Mulching helps conserve moisture levels, cools the soil, promotes root growth, reduces mechanical damage from lawn equipment, reduces the risk of invasive weeds, and adds general aesthetics to your property.

For the best results, mulching should be done once a tree has been planted, but if you haven’t done it yet, it’s not too late! Depending on the size and maturity of the tree, 2-4 inches of mulch is typically ideal. Allow for 3-6 inches of space between the mulch and tree trunk. Mulch should not come in contact the trunk or root flare.

Keep Up with Watering

The most overlooked plant in any landscape is a tree! Poor moisture maintenance, moisture applications, and droughts are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to sickly looking trees. Trees need approximately 1 inch of water per week during hot and dry periods.

For best results, soak the trees entire dripline. Depending on the soil conditions and maturity, a soaker hose or sprinkler hose will provide the best results.

Tree Fertilization

Proper fertilization is essential to keeping trees healthy and attractive. Healthy trees and plants are less susceptible to pests and disease infestations that can be deadly. Because fertilization keeps vegetation in your landscape in good condition, their resistance to further infestations can be greatly improved.

Something to avoid is the mindset that over-fertilizing your tree is a proper substitute for sunlight and water. Trees need a balance of these three items to obtain full growth and establishment potential. Don’t be afraid to ask your tree trimming service how they think your trees are looking. A certified arborist can gauge the health of your foliage and give you some guidance on your nutrition of your trees.

Schedule a Residential Tree Service Landscape Assessment

The best thing you can do for your trees is to contact a certified arborist or landscape horticulturalist to assist you with determining an up-to-date health status of your trees and landscape plants. A good assessment will provide you with recommendations, guidance, and insight to achieving a healthy landscape you’ll enjoy all year-round. Townsend Residential can provide this expertise as part of your free estimate, so you can be sure your trees are getting the best treatment.

Proper care techniques can provide a beautiful and healthy tree for many years to come. So, don’t forget to give your trees the extra TLC they need. If the trees and landscape plants on your property could benefit from an assessment, the experts at Townsend Residential. We have the tools to keep properties beautiful for residents or Ohio and Indiana.

Contact Townsend Residential today for your tree care needs.

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