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A dead tree can become a homeowner’s nightmare when left unattended because of the hazards that go along with it. While it’s hard to say goodbye to an old friend, it’s best to act sooner rather than later to prevent costly expenses. Find out why you should consider tree removal for the dead foliage in your yard.

Dead Trees Can Topple Over

The decay and decomposition that happens after a tree dies means that its structural integrity is likely to decline. When this happens, the entire tree can topple over and cause damage to whatever lies in its path. Removing a tree before it topples into you or your neighbor’s home will save you time, money, and the headaches that come with dealing with the damage.

Branches Can Fall

Look out below! Dead trees are known to have weakened or loose branches that easily detach. All it takes is a small gust of wind or a rain storm for a branch to come loose off of a dead tree and cause harm. This can lead to property damage or even worse, injuries to people or animals who may be nearby, making it a major liability for homeowners.

Tree Disease Can Spread

A tree-related illness could be the reason a tree has died. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for the disease to spread to other trees or vegetation on your property. Mildew or mold that grows on the trunks of deceased trees can easily spread throughout your lawn, having the potential to ruin your beautiful backyard oasis.

Dead Trees Are an Eyesore

If you’re spending money on landscaping, you likely won’t want a decaying tree ruining your picturesque yard. A dead tree can affect curb appeal and the overall property value of your home.

When you notice a dead tree in your yard, the best time to act is now. Tree removal can be dangerous to untrained professionals, so the best means to take care of that dead and decaying tree on your lawn is to hire a residential tree service for safe removal.

If you notice a dead or dying tree in your yard, Townsend Residential is here to help. Our trained experts keep safety top of mind and have the equipment for a quick and easy tree removal.

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